befree Featured on Nice News!!

befree Featured on Nice News!!

“It Was Eye-Opening”: Two Moms Founded an Adaptive Clothing Company After Seeing a Need 

Having a child go through a major operation is trying for any mother, but when Nicole Puzzo’s then 5-year-old daughter Stella underwent double hip surgery in 2015, she faced an additional hardship. For three months following the procedure, Stella, who has cerebral palsy, had casts on both legs with a bar set between them. When the Massachusetts mom asked doctors about special clothing her child could wear for that time period, she was informed there wasn’t any.  

Puzzo shared the problem with her friend and fellow mom Joanne DiCamillo, who was stunned to learn what Stella was confined to, and how that might affect her feeling of freedom and confidence.  “Up until then, I had completely taken getting dressed for granted,” said DiCamillo. “It was a basic daily task that I gave little thought to. Understanding how difficult it can be, and what a struggle it can be for millions of people, was very eye-opening.”

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