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About befree - Adaptive Clothing

Joanna & Nikki of befree

befree is dedicated to improving lives by addressing the real, everyday challenges of people living with limited mobility and are committed to making adaptive and inclusive fashion that really works. Our goal is to offer a product that provides freedom during a time when freedom feels so far away.

Though clothing is a basic human need, for millions of people with temporary or permanent disabilities, getting dressed can be an ongoing daily hardship. This includes adaptive pants, adaptive clothing, zippered pants, post surgery pants, & pants for casts. 

The inspiration for zipOns came from raising a little girl named Stella with cerebral palsy. At the age of 5, Stella underwent hip surgery and was in double leg casts for a three month recovery. Her mom, Nikki, soon realized there was no clothing on the market to accommodate her casts and decided to make her own. The results for Stella were transformative. And when she wore them to her post-op appointment, her doctors were so impressed they encouraged Nikki to make them for others. Knowing first-hand the impact they had on Stella's recovery, Nikki took their advice. She formed befree, LLC  with long-time friend Joanne, and zipOns adaptive pants were born.

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