Joanne and Nikki on Fill to Capacity Podcast

Joanne and Nikki on Fill to Capacity Podcast

Episode #74: 

Two Moms, One Mission: Inclusive Fashion For All

In this episode, Joanne DiCamillo & Nikki Puzzo, founders of befree, an innovative adaptive clothing line designed for people with limited mobility share their unstoppable journey. Inspired by Nikki’s daughter Stella’s post-surgery needs, Joanne & Nikki transformed a simple idea, zipOns into a groundbreaking solution that offers comfort, ease, and dignity to those who need it most. Also zipOns quickly caught on with anglers, athletes, and outdoor enthusiasts.  

Listen as Joanne & Nikki share their intergenerational story, from prototyping and manufacturing challenges to the impact their clothing has had on customers’ lives. Discover how befree’s adaptive clothing is redefining normal, providing freedom, and enhancing the daily lives of individuals with disabilities and for their caregivers.

Through trials, feedback, and a relentless belief in their mission, Joanne & Nikki have mainstreamed adaptive fashion that challenge norms making stylish, functional clothing accessible to all. Learn how they navigated the fashion industry without prior experience, evolved their products, and envision the future of inclusive fashion.

Tune in here to be inspired by their story of innovation and dogged commitment to inclusivity, one zipOn at a time!



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