The Fashion Accessibility Project

The Fashion Accessibility Project

This past Saturday, Epicenter Community, ArtsEmerson, and the disability community came together to host the first ever “The Fashion Accessibility Project” — a year-long project that aims to create a space and platform for authentic discussion around the accessibility of fashion for the disability community.

In society, the words “fashion” and “disability” are rarely associated with one another. In an ableist culture, in which able-bodiedness is the basis for attractiveness and beauty, the disabled body is ignored or forgotten, especially when it comes to fashion.

By pairing designers with models with disabilities to design custom and fully functional clothing specifically suited to their lifestyle and need, we aim to educate society at large about designing for the disability community and how important disability visibility is in the fashion industry.

The project celebrated beauty, disability, and the humanity of innovative design. With full ASL integration and fully integrated seating, everyone was able to experience the show in the same way- without any extra work! The night started with a short documentary about the models and designers involved.

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