How to Plan Your Next Vacation with Accessible Tourism

How to Plan Your Next Vacation with Accessible Tourism

Planning a vacation or a trip is no easy feat, especially when you have to take accessibility options into account. A disability should not limit one’s ability to travel–and befree isn’t the only company who agrees with this. 

Meet: Travegali. 

Travegali is an online booking website, created to promote travel opportunities for people with disabilities. Their purpose is to offer the most extensive selection of accessible hotels across the world so that every person with reduced mobility can book their travel risk-free, while knowing the key accessibility features of each property. Having this information allows travelers to make an informed decision about where they go and where they stay. 

One of the other amazing things about this company is that they also offer a free concierge service for all travelers looking for assistance or help with booking. 

Not only is Travegali’s website user friendly and easy to navigate, the options for traveling are endless. From Europe to the Caribbean to North and South America, you simply choose your destination and go from there. There are over 6,000 places to choose from, 20,000 adaptive rooms and guaranteed reservations for said adaptive rooms. And if you need a little more help planning your trip, the free accessibility concierge is at your service. Customers' needs are met for whatever adaptive facilities they need or want, all while eliminating the risk of compromising to uncomfortable standards.

Everyone deserves to travel and enjoy a vacation without any additional stress or worry. The only other thing we at befree recommend is making sure to pack a few pairs of zipOns, since they are the ultimate travel apparel. So whether you choose a warm weather or a cold weather location, zipOns have you covered with our lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric or our new, heavier weight material. Folding them up and packing them in your suitcase is just as easy as booking with Travegali! 

We’d love to hear about your experiences with traveling! What places have been the most accommodating and accessible?


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