What makes our zipOns so innovative?

What makes our zipOns so innovative?

Well it’s the zipper of course! When designing our pants, we knew we had to make them as convenient and easy as possible for individuals and their caregivers to get dressed and undressed. A major part of that process was designing a feature that allowed the pants to be that adaptive. In comes the famous zipper…

After several trials and tribulations, we settled on a zipper that spans from waist to hem on both sides. The pants can zip and unzip completely, making these the perfect apparel for doctors appointments, surgery and other medical conditions which may cause difficulties getting dressed. 

In addition to the zipper, zipOns also have a zipper garage, eliminating any discomfort when wearing them. The zipper slides right in, and a piece of fabric slightly covers it to protect your skin. Nothing is worse than feeling a zipper digging into your body! Did we mention this is another one of our favorite features?? Comfort is everything!

When reviewing our customer’s testimonials, we found a common trend. Almost every individual discusses the ease of putting them on and taking them off thanks to the, you guessed it, zipper! 

One of our latest reviews comes from Donny Kashh, a motivational speaker and proud amputee. He said the best part about zipOns were when he wore them to a doctor’s appointment. Usually he has to remove his pants completely to make his leg accessible to his medical care provider. But with zipOns, Donny was able to wear his pants and simply unzip them to the necessary spot (aka leaving his pants ON). 

Hearing responses like this validates all the pattern trials, brainstorming and time it took to finalize our product. The zipper design separates befree from other adaptive clothing companies, making zipOns truly original. If you’ve been waiting to try them for yourself or give them to someone you know, don’t wait. The opportunity of independence and ease is just a zip away!

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    Awesome,Just DownRight Awesome Joanne,And Nikki’s Are Most Definitely Working With Beautiful,And Thoughtful Hearts That Have True Compassion For The Disabled.NoOne Really Understands What Life Can Be Like Raising,Careing For Disabled People, Especially When The Disabled Person Is Your Child,Or Relative. Life Becomes Very Emotional,And Life Becomes Very Challenging. Everyday Is never a dull Moment,From Laughter,To Saddness To Doctor visits To Miracles. Right On!✊ Joanne,And Nikki. From the Santee,And McClain Families In Georgia.

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